System Info

Requires:   240v 50amp dedicated circuit
Dimensions:  Heating Unit: 24" L x 19" W (including tires) x 25" H
Weight: Heating Unit: approx. 25 lbs.

Heating Unit:

Control Box and Cables:

Accessories (included):
Manufactured by Frye Fabrication LLC. Patent pending
Call Us: 814-626-0991
"We have used the system on many occasions and it has done the job each time.  We had a bedroom set with bed bug eggs on the slats.  I quarantined them for 3 weeks after treatment and they never hatched so I'm real comfortable with the system."
"Thank you for answering the call for a solution to the Rent to Own industry regarding bed bugs"

Danny Miller - Service Manager
BCI Rents dba Aaron's

"We have had success with the Bug Out Thermal Extermination System. We
strongly recommend following Mike's advice on truck insulation as this is a
key element to the system's effectiveness."

Dan Fisher - Vice President / General Manager
MAJIK Rent to Own
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