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Mike Frye Sr:
Founder, designer, and lead fabricator.
  "Success is achieved through vision, inspiration and resilient determination."

Sandi Frye (wife):
Sandi has been in the rent to own industry for 19 years.  She is a Premier Rental-Purchase franchisee, president of the PA Association of Rental Dealers, and an APRO board member.

Mike Frye Jr. (son):
Technical Consultant
Mike has 5 years experience in the rent to own industry.  He is certified in electro mechanics. 

Nicole Conway (daughter):
Advertising and Marketing assistant
Nicole has 1 year experience in the rent to own industry.  She is currently enrolled in Western Governor's University working towards a degree in early childhood education.

Matt Whited (son):
Matt has 1 year experience in the rent to own industry.  He is currently working at Premier Rental-Purchase as a delivery person.  He is pursuing an education in electrical-mechanical engineering.

Mike Thorpe (nephew):
Graphic Designer and Webmaster
Mike has over 10 years experience in Graphic Design and owns a semi pro football team.
"We have used the system on many occasions and it has done the job each time.  We had a bedroom set with bed bug eggs on the slats.  I quarantined them for 3 weeks after treatment and they never hatched so I'm real comfortable with the system."
"Thank you for answering the call for a solution to the Rent to Own industry regarding bed bugs"

Danny Miller - Service Manager
BCI Rents dba Aaron's

"We have had success with the Bug Out Thermal Extermination System. We
strongly recommend following Mike's advice on truck insulation as this is a
key element to the system's effectiveness."

Dan Fisher - Vice President / General Manager
MAJIK Rent to Own
    About Us:
Frye Fabrication LLC is a manufacturer of an affordable, thermal bed bug extermination system.  It is a family owned and operated business in Central Pennsylvania.  Frye Fabrication founder, Mike Frye Sr. has a background in mechanical engineering and logistics.  The past 15 years he has been in the rent to own industry, currently managing Premier Rental-Purchase in Altoona, PA.

  Frye Fabrication LLC was founded after a PA Association of Rental Dealers meeting at which guest speaker, Ed Winn III (APRO legal counsel) spoke of the severity of the bed bug problems in the rent to own industry and the lack of an affordable, effective solution to kill the bedbugs.  After 15 months of research and development, Mike Frye Sr. released the BUG OUT Thermal Extermination System in January, 2011.

Meet the Team:

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