"We have used the system on many occasions and it has done the job each time.  We had a bedroom set with bed bug eggs on the slats.  I quarantined them for 3 weeks after treatment and they never hatched so I'm real comfortable with the system."
"Thank you for answering the call for a solution to the Rent to Own industry regarding bed bugs"

Danny Miller - Service Manager
BCI Rents dba Aaron's

"We have had success with the Bug Out Thermal Extermination System. We
strongly recommend following Mike's advice on truck insulation as this is a
key element to the system's effectiveness."

Dan Fisher - Vice President / General Manager
MAJIK Rent to Own
     BUG OUT Thermal Extermination System eliminates bed bugs, bed bug eggs and other pests with heat. It supplies clean, dry heat into a sealed area. No risk of carbon monoxide, fire, or explosions that are associated with gas, kerosene, and propane heaters. Simple to operate. Just turn it on and it does the rest.

Affordable: Minimal investment.
Portable: Perfect for multi-store owners
No moving parts: Low maintenance costs
Effective: Runs for 120 minutes after heat
soak and automatically shuts off.
Safer than kerosene and propane heaters.
No moisture problems: like those
associated with steam cleaning or liquid
Manufactured by Frye Fabrication LLC. Patent pending
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